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Speed Painting of My Rose

Rose{Written in 2015}

Nothing particularly special, I just wanted to upload this, since I mentioned I used the same background — my room — in my portrait of Leif Wood that I recently uploaded during the later half of the past week. :)

It’s only a speed painting I did one night in Corel Painter Essentials 3.0, a few months ago, of the white rose my brother Robert gave me. ♡ :blush:

What’s funny is that I just had given a decorative red rose to my twin Micky; as a parting gift to their girlfriend who moved away {although I told them not to let her know it was originally mine}; then, later the same afternoon, Robert comes home and surprises me with a real white rose — a rose for a rose; nice twist of good karma there! =P

So, I immortalised my gift, the white rose, in this speed painting. :aww:
+ Also, notice the pretty little Christmas glass it’s sitting in! :santa: :holly: