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Tribute to David Bowie

Tribute to David Bowie — My Hero ★

It was shortly after midnight after the 10th into the 11th when my twin, OctoberNocturne, came into my bedroom to tell me the terrible news of Bowie’s passing.

I went into shock, and when my mind slowly began to recover; to process this devastating loss, I wondered if this is what it feels like to lose a parent, or even God.

Last year, I thought we were going to lose our Mother to Death — This felt like that, but worse, because Bowie did, in fact, die. 😥

My siblings and I have never really been people of faith — it was always art for us. Bowie, being the amazing and influential being he was upon our creative souls, was the closest thing we had to a God.

Our God of Art and Music. ♡

… Everybody who knows us well, knew how much Bowie meant to us, and I was touched dearly when Karen and Raphael reached out to me when they learnt that Bowie’s gone.

Matthew and Yvonne were very understanding when I told them I would need some time before I could find the strength to write back to their e-mails… Anything I write now would only be melancholy; a reflection of my mourning.

It took me this long to work on an art tribute to Bowie; this being the result. It is not very good, but it has character to it, which I hope reflects what I’m feeling for Bowie; and his memory, right now. ♡

I’m seriously considering working on a “Let’s Play” of Omikron: The Nomad Soul, the computer game that Bowie worked on.

It will take a lot of courage because I am a shy person, but I love video games and David Bowie with all my heart, so I will do this thing. ♡

{ I don’t have a favourite Bowie song; I just couldn’t choose one, but here I chose the song ‘Heroes’ because it is the one that my baby brother Leon dedicated to me years ago. }