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Which OC is most like me?

Re topic-of-the-day☀ on the PaperDemon Art RPG Discord server: Which OC is most like you?

I have five SI (self insert) OCs – Sha from our main webcomic, Carnation from another, Sara from yet another, Kagemitsu who started off as a Soul Calibur fanfic character now in her own original series, and Yuri who is my SI in the Yu Yu Hakusho fandom.

Sha, and Yuri, are very much like I am in my dreams; they’re more “wishful thinking” OCs, that I’d like to be like, one day maybe.

Carnation is mostly my opposite, tbh. And is the closest thing to an ex that Sha’s husband, Leopold (Amy-Belle’s father), has.

Kage is what I was like as an angsty teenager, lol. Her and Sara are the youngest of my SI OCs.

Sara is docile, shy even timid, naive, agreeable, friendly, eager to please, and generally sees the good in others – she is the one most like the RL me, minus some of my negative traits I’m struggling with.

2008: Sara x James

2008 (1)
This is Sara Elisabeth van Tassel pleading with her loved one, James Gayle; “Please don’t go!” They’re a couple that Steven and I roleplayed for his RPG on GaiaOnline, called “The Vampire Prince: Hunt For Dracula”. Sara is the young librarian and niece of the man that took James in after his fatal attack from Dracula himself {roleplayed by Robert Leon} – James is now part vampyre, and can only see his sweetheart during the early evenings.