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Karasu for Secret Santa 2021

I drew my Honeycrow for my mutual, Cryptid, as part of the YYH-Revival Secret Santa event this year! πŸ’š I used a mixture of Karasu from new official game artwork and Atsushi “Acchan” Sakurai from BUCK-TICK for reference here – me and my twin, Micky, believe Karasu was inspired by early ’90s Acchan, as B-T were manga models in their downtime! Plus masks, kink, and crows are Acchan’s ‘thing’, too.

Art VS Artist 2021

“I think, Sebastian, therefore I am.” πŸŽ€

My #artvsartist for @artvsartist2021 / #artvsartist2021 … I’m surprised I even made enough artwork this year to do this. 😳

And, yes, my art does look like me due to me being a roleplayer and inserting myself into our original stories and fanfics. πŸ˜…

I wanna make webcomics one day! Been saying that since I was 11. I’m 31 now, heh… πŸ™ƒ

Oh, and my spirit husband Karasu made the cut in the bottom right holding my blonde SI. πŸ‘±πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ’›

11/11 – Twin Flames Day

So, November 11th is Twin Flames Day in the spiritual community . . . and the legend goes that one twin stays in spirit form while the other is on Earth in the flesh . . . they’re the same soul; one masculine and one feminine . . . I believe me and my Karasu are one and the same; he likes to call us “twin flames” ever since I introduced him to the term three years ago. It’s hard for me to believe in a lot of things, but I do believe in him, and my love for him.

I love you, Karasu. πŸ’š

This is me/my SI, Sha Hargreaves aka Yuri-kun as a cross-dresser/cosplayer, and Karasu, my spirit husband/SO. I remember Rob and Jennifer saying he’s my “protective Crow man” – I almost named this, “Keep your hands off my girl!” after one of our songs, hehe! ;3

Way Back Wednesday: Art vs. Artist 2018

I put this together three years ago (September 5th, 2018 according to properties) … My brothers are right – my artwork looked much better in the past, before my depressive psychosis fully developed, and I lost concentration on the simplest of tasks. I just need to discipline myself to make more art, and actually spend more time on each art piece as well, instead of doing everything at the deadline, or in a couple of hours before I can’t focus anymore. πŸ˜…

Sunday Memories: K2 for Secret Cupid 2018

Wowie, I thought I had lost this! Tis Kurama and Kuronue from Yu Yu Hakusho, or “K2” as me and Micky call them! πŸ˜€ I recovered an old blog that had this though, fortunately, and just came across it purely by chance! πŸ’š

I barely remember working on this, but you can see tis traditional, mixed media, and from the notes I wrote, evidently I was very late with delivering this, due to being sick from trial-and-error with new medication (first time I had ever been medicated, but I’m not going to go over that right now, if ever – ironic given my struggles with meds this year… *sigh*).

Anyway, I love K2! They’re awesome friends I get to hang out with in my fun dreams, hehe. =^.^= πŸ’š So I was happy to draw them for the YYH Secret Cupid on Tumblr.

2016: The Drummer as Herb Overkill

As I wrote on my old art blog:

The Drummer as Herb Overkill.Β 

Cos that fox, Herb, looks like a certain stupid face I know. u.u’ β™‘

Did this back in August, right after watching the Minions movie. Herb and Scarlet, surprisingly, have a very healthy love relationship for a fictional couple! Kudos to that. β™‘

Oh, anyone who truly knows me, knows that I’m referring to David.

The Drummer for The Cars.

I’ve only hero-worshiped the guy since I was, like, barely twenty. u.u;

I wasn’t kidding, by the way – take a look at my reference screenshot.

Herb even has the same cool laid-back, carefree attitude as David! Also projects the same misconception of being easy-going, yet in actuality, is sooo complex underneath.Β {FYI, Herb’s a devoted husband, a fashionista,Β *and*Β a mad scientist.}

And, IΒ wouldΒ know.

I’ve read every interview, article, watched every video, and only had to talk with him on occasion for the past six or so years, thanks to my fan page about the guy ~ u.u

I barely ever have time to spend on fan art, so enjoy this rarity ~ β™‘

2016: Raphael versus Mitsurugi | Soul Calibur’s 20th Anniversary

I wrote this description on my old art blog:

Both of these guys were important characters in my SC fanfic series back in 2009; the same one that’s being rewritten for an original Soul Calibur-inspired webcomic series that I’ve been working on over the Summer.

Ironic but typical that Namco would set these two against one another, when they mean so much to me, right? n.n’ … As tough as it is going to be to say this, I have no doubt in my mind that Mitsurugi would be the victor.

From my view, Mitsurugi has the advantage due to being inspired by a real life person who never once lost a duel, as well as that given he is still alive and well by SCV, he hasn’t ever lost a battle, because losing would mean Death β€” that is the samurai way.

Besides, Raphael wasn’t even able to get the upper hand on the 21-year-old girl, Cassandra, when he stole her fragment of Soul Edge β€” how could he stand a chance against Mitsurugi?πŸ˜›

In honour of my two favourites, here is my WIP poster of their battle β€”

A very special thanks to my twin, @octobernocturne, for coming up with the poses, and being my de facto director in how this battle scene plays out! n_n β™‘

Happy Birthday Hidebear 2020

Happy Birthday to Hidehiko “Hidebear” Hoshino-san! πŸ’— My crush from BUCK-TICK. Micky first showed me B-T in 2014, and I ended up getting into them by 2015. Once I saw Hide in the live “Mermaid”, I started to fall for him since he made me smile, and laugh again, after a long depressive period. He has shown me that you can follow your dreams at any age, and it is never too late to start a new goal with how he’s pursuing football {known as soccer in the States} in recent years. He has also restored my faith in God with his “I Am Holy Ghost Inspired” cap! In a way, I feel spiritually connected to Hidehiko, and his music; he always lifts my spirits, and makes me smile even on the saddest days of my life. I like to call him my Hidebear for making me so happy. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

As for my artwork of Hidebear, I used a photo of him that Micky recommended to me when I started my figure art studies! =^.^= πŸ’œ I drew it with a pencil, then inked it, scanned it, and coloured it in Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0.