Self-portrait at 19

~* I updated this art piece with a description from my old art blog *~

Wildflower - Alexandria's Art Blog

2009 (16)
Ten years ago.

Edit – August 21st, 2021 – I found this description from my old art blog:

Once upon a time, I did this watercolour painting of myself. I was 19 at the time. Basically I’m just uploading this so I could add the ‘Traditional Art’ gallery to my website.

The thing about self-portraits that I find interesting is that it gives you a glimpse of how an artist sees themselves, whilst still leaving the over-all interpretation up to the viewing audience — which is probably why I’m so intently listening to Emilie Autumn’s The Opheliac Companion; the Intro//Opheliac is incredibly enlightening and down-to-earth — her madness resonates with me. ♡

There will be more older artworks to come — from misfit characters that no longer have a place to call home; to fashion designs from when I was obsessed with Gothic Lolita//Victorian fashions in my late teens…

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