2008: Don’t Breathe

~* I updated this art piece with a description + original sketch from my old art blog *~

Wildflower - Alexandria's Art Blog

2008 (7)
Illustration of Isaac dragging the Mystic Sword through the forest, from Curse of the Mystic Sword, formerly known as Mystic Travels. Micky drew the line-art, and I coloured it. 😺

Edit – August 21st, 2021 – I found this description from my old art blog:

After seeing the trailer for Don’t Breathe so many times, which is a horror film about three thieves breaking into an old blind man’s home with the old blind man fighting back – fiercely – we couldn’t help but be reminded of Isaac from our old graphic novel, Mystic Travels, which was also known as ‘Curse of the Mystic Sword’. Isaac was a blind, deaf, and mute old man, inspired from Voldo in the Soul Calibur games, whom is the deadly, spidery guardian of the Money Pit, and defends it against thieves {including my sensei, Yoshi-san ~ aka Puck-sensei in my Soul series}.

Our stories…

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