2009: Forbidden Kiss

I found and added the original vignette that went with this art piece!

Wildflower - Alexandria's Art Blog

My homemade Soul Calibur OC, Sha-mitsu, kissing Raphael whom she has mistaken for her first master and falls in love with~ =^///^=Β πŸ’œ This is supposed to be after Raphael fought Sha-mitsu’s new master, Yoshimitsu. I originally had a short drabble that went with this piece, but it’s been years since I last uploaded this that I can’t find it or remember much of it anymore. :<

Update (August 10th, 2021): I found the original vignette from 2009 that went with this art piece! Here tis:

The night was dark, and silent, with only the lumination from the streetlamps lighting the long road ahead. A young girl from Japan, stood looking at the older Frenchman before her.

Sha-mitsu had seen this man before in battle against her master, Yoshi-san; and followed him out into the night, where he seemed to be suspicious, and almost hostile, as he turned to face…

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