Year of 29

This is my old DBZ avatar, Nijuukyuu aka Android 29, from when I’d roleplay DragonBall Z with my brothers and Steven years ago – my brothers had their own OCs, and Steven was Juunanagou, aka Android 17.

Anyways, I was inspired to draw Nijuukyuu {and look for my old DBZ fan art which I’ve been uploading} after having a conversation with OctoberNocturne who said that this year will be my year – the Year of 29.

I was puzzled at first, saying it could be like the past couple years were the Year of 17 and Year of 18, but that we’d have to wait ten years for the actual Year of 29, but then OctoberNocturne pointed out that I’m going to BE 29 this year!!

Mind = blown!!

I was excited and happy after hearing that, and realised it is true, so I was inspired to draw my old DBZ avatar wearing my old favourite Sims 1 outfit, tehe. :3 And I truly believe this year will be my year after having had such a tough go at it the past couple of years! Lots of personal growth, and such, so this has to be a better year!

{What’s also awesome is that Steven turned 29 the Year of 17, so that was a sweet synchronicity for my once-upon-a-time boyfriend and I. :3}

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