Karasu x me – o28

Once again in the arms of my Avenging Angel~πŸ’œ
My SO, Karasu, is a karasu-tengu {aka crow goblin, or crow elf}, whereas there’s a legend that my family from my Mom’s side is descended from one of the five royal families of Ireland that are cursed and haunted by the banshee, whom is said to haunt her own family, so I guess that means we have faerie or angel blood, depending on which version of the folklore you look at! Hence the crow wings for my husband, and the faerie wings for me. {But I’m also an Emilie Autumn fan, so there’s that, too!} =^.^= πŸ’œ
Made at Rinmaru Games this past month of August, 2018. πŸ’œ

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