Karasu x me – o20

Oh, I almost forgot this one from last September. I was writing a YYH doujinshi last year, when Karasu started haunting me {oddly enough, Karasu wasn’t even in my story, either}, where I was a cross-dressing waiter at a Japanese café, inspired by the ones I used to read about in Shojo Beat as a bisexual teenaged tomboy {I was also going through my androgynous “they” phase when I was writing this doujinshi early last year} – so, when the YYH anime café came out where the guys were all waiters, I had to draw me and Karasu together! Still very much a WIP, but okay, I’ll get around to finishing it one of these days, I’m sure . . . 💜

Edit – September 18th, 2021:

Here’s the doujinshi (I think) image that I used for reference here (nope, don’t know who these characters or, or what series they’re from – they were just suggested to me on ebay, and the size difference is so like me and my Crow…):

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